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Activities for kids

Do not forget about our youngest guests, for which we have prepared the following attractions:

  • Playroom
  • Dry ball pool
  • And a large outdoor playground

Furthermore, children winter ski - a special slope for children - 180 m long (only 18 m difference in altitude), together with rental equipment and instructors.

Specific activities prepare children during the holidays, holidays, vacations and so. long weekends - fun and games, competitions and art classes.

Swimming Pool

Our youngest guests are invited to play in with wading pool for kids with water slide.

Try our cocktails, drinks, delicious pastries from the patisserie and ice cream at the bar by the pool if you wish to cool off.

Animation for children

Special attractions are prepared for kids during the periods of Christmas, Easter, other national holidays, school holidays and extended weekends. These include games and entertainment, competitions and art classes. During four hours of organised fun, interesting theme games are provided to kids as part of stay packages. They take place in recreational areas under supervision of qualified educational staff.

Professional care of kids is provided in the playroom at the determined dates.

We have been appreciated by the website where child-friendly hotels are associated - e.g.

Winter playground for children

All children are cordially invited to the Winter Playground located in the immediate vicinity of the Stok Ski Station. It is a place of fun for both small kids and slightly older children.

Small athletes are invited to play on the Sun Kid Rotondo superb carousel to which special pontoons can be attached. The carousel spins slowly and placidly, so it will be a perfect resting place for small enthusiasts of snow madness.

For children who crave for attractions with a higher speed, we have prepared a sledging hill with a special conveyor belt thanks to which they will get to the hill top without climbing.

We also invite you to play with our "Snowball Wall", which is a colourful inflatable target for throwing snowballs, as well as three types of sledges for downhill rides.

Moreover, in winter, we invite children to ski on a special slope for kids, which is 180 m long (with the level difference of only 18 m), with an equipment rental and skiing instructors.

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